Professional cooperations

Our services are geared towards the needs of researchers in Jewish Studies and Israel Studies. Beyond our support for individual projects, the FID Jewish Studies works closely with various institutions and associations and cooperates with FID in related research fields.

German Association for Jewish Studies and Jewish Theology

The German Association for Jewish Studies represents the interests of scholars active in Hebrew and Judaic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Jewish Theology in Germany. The association aims to foster research and teaching in the above mentioned disciplines and put a particular emphasis on the support of emerging scholars.The Association is represented in the Academic Advisory Board of the FID.

Vereinigung für Jüdische Studien e. V.

The Vereinigung für Jüdische Studien e. V. represents the interests of Jewish Studies within German universities and across academic, educational, cultural, and scientific institutions both nationally and internationally. It aims to bring together and advocate for their shared interests of scholars and organizations engaged in Jewish history and culture in its widest scope.

The Vereinigung is represented in the Academic Advisory Board of the FID.

National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel was founded in 1892 and is tasked to collect, preserve, cultivate and endow the treasures of knowledge, heritage and culture in general, with an emphasis on the Land of Israel, the State of Israel and the Jewish people in particular.​​

The Frankfurt University Library has been working with the NLI for a long time, mostly through sharing metadata and digital objects.

Leo Baeck Institute New York | Berlin

The Leo Baeck Institute New York | Berlin (LBI NY ) is dedicated to the preservation and research of German-Jewish cultural heritage. It houses a research library and an archive with outstanding holdings on German-Jewish history and culture in Central Europe and worldwide.

The Frankfurt University Library and LBI NY have been collaborating for almost two decades through the joint endeavor to establish the Freimann collection and the ongoing effort to expand Compact Memory

Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Opened in 1988, the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main is the first communal Jewish museum in Germany. It aims to enable people to experience the diversity of Jewish culture throughout history and in the present. To this end, it collects, preserves and researches cultural assets and testimonies of Jewish life in Frankfurt. With its art and cultural history exhibitions, educational programs and digital offerings, as well as its enthusiasm for experimental formats, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt aims to be a museum without walls.

The Frankfurt University Library and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt have been working together for many years, both on exhibitions and in the field of digitization. 


NFDI4Memory is one of the 27 NFDI consortia within Germany that will jointly manage the creation of a long-term and sustainable research data infrastructure (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, or “NFDI”) for the digital age.

NFDI4Memory brings together research institutions, memory institutions and information infrastructures from those disciplines and research areas that use historical methods or that rely on data requiring historical contextualization.

The Frankfurt University Library is a participant in NFDI4Memory with both the FID Jewish Studies and the FID African Studies, which contribute as experts on multilingual data and non-latin scripts, and as intermediaries to their research communities. 

Judaica Collections 

Judaica Collections 

The FID Jewish Studies and the Hebraica & Judaica Collection at the Frankfurt University Library regularly participate in the annual conferences of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jüdische Sammlungen. The AG was founded in 1976 and brings together Jewish museums, collection-oriented research institutes, memorials, libraries and archives.

The FID has set up a Mailing List to support the everyday exchange between Judaica collections. In addition, the FID organizes virtual meetings on a regular basis to inform about its work.

The Frankfurt University Library is also represented in the Working Group for Hebraica Cataloguing. Contact:

FID Cooperations

Within the framework of the FID program we cooperate with other FID in shared research fields. 

FID Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies 

The FID Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies  – MENALIB – provides highly specialised research materials from the countries of the MENA region for German researchers and is maintained by the University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt.The FID Jewish Studies and the FID Middle East cooperate to provide of resources and information on the Middle East conflict, Israel/Palestine and the MENA region. This applies in particular to the acquisition of specialist literature and e-resources in regional languages. The Jewish Studies catalog lists the relevant holdings of the FID Middle East  and thus offers comprehensive information on literature from numerous countries in the MENA region.

FID History 

The FID History offers a wide range of digital information services for historical research in general. The FID and its portal can draw on the unique collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the outstanding holdings on the history of technology and science at the Deutsches Museum.

The FID Jüdische Studien and the FID History cooperate among other things for the licensing of electronic resources and aim to improve the accessibility of bibliographical data on Jewish history.

FID East, Central and Southeast European Studies

The FID East, Central and Southeast European Studies at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek supports research on Eastern Europe in the humanities and social sciences in Germany. It provides a wide range of services, including access to literature, electronic resources and subject specific information. With osmikon , the FID manages the main research portal on Eastern, East-Central and Southeastern Europe.

The FID Jewish Studies and the FID East, Central and Southeast European Studies cooperate among other things in the licensing of electronic resources and improved access to bibliographic data on Jewish history and culture in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

FID Philosophy

The FID Philosophy is a collaborative project of the University and City Library of Cologne, Thomas Institute at Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cologne, and the Cologne Center of eHumanities (CCeH). The FID's Philportal provides a search engine of philosophical academic literature and direct access to a large collection of full-texts.

The FID Jewish Studies and the FID Philosophy cooperate  for licensing electronic resources and exchange of data on Jewish philosophy.