Hebraica and Judaica Collection | University Library Frankfurt am Main

The University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg (UB JCS) at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest academic libraries in Germany and provides information and library services for research and teaching on the university, regional and supra-regional level. It holds unique collections on a variety of subjects, some of which some nationally and international recognized. The UB JCS offers subject-specific services for researchers on the national level and hosts six Specialized Information Services (FID) funded by the German Research Foundation. In addition to Jewish Studies, this includes African Studies, General and Comparative Literature, Biodiversity Studies, Performing Arts and Linguistics.

A key foundation of the FID Jewish Studies is Hebraica & Judaica collection at the Frankfurt University Library which is largest library collection Germany with approx. 350,000 objects. 

The most valuable historical holdings of the collection trace back to Frankfurt's former Stadtbibliothek (Municipal Library) which was able to establish its Hebraica & Judaica collection thanks to the generous support of the Frankfurt Jews. The early modern Yiddish prints collections, a comprehensive collection of literature from the Wissenschaft des Judentums movement or its collection of historical Jewish press are of particularly significance. Since the mid-1990s large parts of these historical holdings have been digitized, often in cooperation with German and international partners and are for the most part freely accessible via the Digital Judaica Collections Frankfurt

From 1949 to 2015, the UB JCS was responsible for the Sondersammelgebiete (Special Collections areas) for Judaism and Israel as part of the DFG-funded program of preceding the FID. This enabled the  Frankfurt University Library to systematically expand its collection in all research areas of Jewish Studies and Israel Studies.

Hochschule Mannheim - University of Applied Sciences

As part of the FID Jewish Studies, Prof. Dr. Kai Eckert, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (until 2022 Stuttgart Media University) leads the JudaicaLink project. The linked open data service processes relevant data from reference works, academic and library databases and other digital platforms and makes it available for researcher and libraries via a knowledge graph and other services. JudaicaLink serves as a background services of the FID Portal and supports to the contextualization of metadata in its Jewish Studies catalog.


The Hessian Library Information System - hebis - is the information and service network of around 60 predominantly academic libraries in Hesse and parts of Rhineland-Palatinate. Hebis supports the FID Jewish Studies as a service provider for the further development and technical operation of its Jewish Studies catalog