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NFDI4Memory hosts its event series "From Books to Bytes: The Digital Transformation in Historical Studies - Learning, Teaching, and Research in the Age of Digitization", which discusses current topics and relevant fields of application in research and teaching with experts, researchers and lecturers. The event series takes place digitally. Organizers aims to publish presentations either on Zenodo or on YouTube . Full program and information

An der Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg ist möglichst ab dem 1. Juli 2024 die Stelle eines Akademischen Mitarbeiters (m/w/d) im Fachbereich Talmud, Codices und Rabbinische Literatur (Teilzeitstelle 50 %) befristet zu besetzen. Die Dauer der Befristung richtet sich nach dem Qualifizierungsziel, eine Erstvertragslaufzeit sollte drei Jahre nicht unterschreiten. Bewerbungsschluss: 31. Mai 2024. Mehr

The Hebrew Studies section of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the field of modern reading traditions of the Hebrew Bible. The role includes the work on the compilation of a reference grammar of Biblical Hebrew. Deadline for application: May 1, 2024. Details

We are pleased to offer you a trial access to the database of the Henrietta Szold Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences. This license is specifically directed towards researchers in Israel Studies.

The Henrietta Szold Institute was founded in Jerusalem in 1941 and focuses on educational research and the social sciences.

You have access to three databases providing sources in Hebrew: bibliographic information and abstracts of research articles in the social sciences and education, published by Israeli researchers, in Israel and abroad in various languages; a collection of research tools for empirical research (e.g. questionnaires and scales); and digitized version of the journal “Megamot” and other publications of the Henrietta Szold Institute.

Please note, the databases are exclusively in Hebrew.

Access to the databases is possible until May 20, 2024.

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The Research Center in Digital Humanities at the Hebrew University DH@HU invites applications for a post-doctoral fellowship in digital humanities for the academic year 2024-2025. DH@HU is an interdisciplinary research institute focused on the development and application of digital and computational approaches to the study of humanistic objects. Researcher in the digital Jewish Studies are welcome to apply for this fellowship. Deadline for application: April 30, 2024. Details

The Department of Jewish History and Bible of the University of Haifa invites applications for the Wolfson Chair Doctoral Fellowship in Jewish Thought for the 2024-25 academic year. Deadline for application: May 15, 2024. Details via H-Soz-Kult

The Center for Jewish Studies at Harvard University invites for “Jewish Immigration Reconsidered”, a Symposium by this year’s Harry Starr Fellows in Judaica and Alan M. Stroock Fellows for Advanced Research in Judaica. The Symposium will take place at Harvard University on April 15, 2024, 16:30 (EDT). Details

April 2, 2024 Coffee Breaks April 2024

The FID for Jewish studies invites you to take part in the upcoming Coffee Breaks meetings. In these Coffee Breaks we present our work and digital services for researchers in Jewish Studies and Israel Studies working in German academic institutions.

Our next meetings (approx. 30 min. ) will take place in coming April, and each will focus on different subject:

on Tuesday, April 16, 2pm - we will talk about our FID Catalogue

on Wednesday , April 24, 11am - we will present our FID-Licences and will give you the opportunity to ask us about our work at the FID for Jewish studies.

Join us here:

Meeting-ID: 657 6095 1082
Password: 048707

The Coffee Breaks take place in German, however if neccesary we will gladly offer an English moderation.

April 2, 2024 Sami Michael (1926-2024)

The Israeli author Sami Michael passed away on April 1, 2024. Born and raised in Baghdad, he immigrated to Israel in 1949.

In his works, Michael dealt with the migration experiences of Jews from Arab countries. In Israel, he was socially and politically active, advocating for peace between Jews and Arabs.

His most famous novel, "A Trumpet in the Wadi" was published in 1987.

You can find this and other works by Sami Michael in our catalog.

April 2, 2024 Israeli Studies Workshop

The Center for Teaching of Jewish Civilization, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the support of Israel Institute, Washington, DC, invites scholars and lecturers teaching about Israel in universities around the world to apply for the workshop “Israel and the Middle East”. The Workshop will take place in Jerusalem, September 15-19, 2024. Deadline for application: May 31, 2024. Details

March 28, 2024 Arnold Goldberg Prize

The German Association for Jewish Studies and Jewish Theology (Fachverband Judaistik / Jüdische Studien / Jüdische Theologie in Deutschland e.V.) awards the Arnold Goldberg Prize amounting to 1,000 Euros on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. This prize recognizes an outstanding dissertation (magna or summa cum laude) in the fields of Judaic Studies, Jewish Studies and Jewish Theology submitted at a German university. A dissertation can be nominated by either the doctoral candidate or the primary supervisor for the Arnold Goldberg Prize. The nominating individual must be a member of the association. Deadline for application: May 31, 2024. Details in German

The organizing committee of the 29th Annual Jewish American and Holocaust Literature (JAHLit) Symposium welcomes individual and panel proposals that address the subjects of Jewish, Jewish-American, Holocaust literature and culture. Especially topics in critical and theoretical approaches to Jewish literature and film are invitied. They could include: new voices in Jewish American literature, transnational Jewish literature, Jewish literature of the Americas, Holocaust literature, the Holocaust in film and television, new media including graphic novels and digital media. The Symposion will take place in October 27-29, 2024 in Miami Beach. Deadline for submission of proposals: July 31, 2024. DETAILS

The École Pratique des Hautes Études, PSL-University in Paris, France, is hiring one postdoctoral research associate in Hebrew Palaeography, to work in the project Hebrew Manuscripts in the Digital Age. The successful position holder will be responsible for annotating palaeographical samples of Medieval Hebrew manuscripts for the online Hebrew Palaeography Album (HebrewPal). Deadline for application: May 30, 2024. DETAILS VIA EAJS

The Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo invites applications for a tenured position as Associate Professor in Hebrew Bible with a focus on its reception in settings of inter-cultural and inter-religious encounters. Deadline for application: April 28, 2024. DETAILS

Die Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt mit einer Befristung auf 2 Jahre eine*n Referent*in für Fundraising und Sponsoring, Freundeskreis und Pressearbeit („Funds and Friends“), unter anderem für die Planung, Koordination, Organisation und Evaluation neuer Fundraising-Maßnahmen. Bewerbungsschluss: 14. April 2024. MEHR

The Azrieli Foundation invites applications for the Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research at Israeli Universities in STEM, Humanities, and Social Sciences, for cadidates in all countries except Israel. Deadline for application: May 9, 2024. DETAILS

The Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, the University of Vienna seeks to appoint a Full Professor of Jewish Studies with focus on Source History and Cultural History. The professorship should mainly be interested in Jewish texts and Jewish cultural history in the context of the rabbinic period (70 to 1000 AD) which is of central importance. Deadline for application: April 15, 2024. DETAILS

March 14, 2024 CON | AJS Conference

The Association for Jewish Studies invites applications for the 56th AJS conference. For detailed information about types of sessions, subject area divisions and the submission process see the Call for Papers. The Conference will take place online on December 15-19, 2024 online. Deadline: May 2, 2024. DETAILS

Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden invites applications for a One-Year Jewish Studies Program, dedicated to the study and interdisciplinary interpretation of the textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization. Deadline for applications: April 14, 2024. DETAILS

International Conference on Jews in Krakow: History and Culture in Kraków in September 23-25, 2024, organizers are interested in case studies and micro-historical studies, as well as broader syntheses and particularly encourages papers dealing with methodological questions. Deadline for proposals: April 15, 2024. MEHR VIA JEWISH HERITAGE EUROPE

The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main invites applications for the Head of the Education and Outreach-Programs department. The position involves personnel management, overseeing all administrative processes, and conceptualizing, organizing, and executing events. A university degree in Humanities or Social Sciences with a focus on Educational Sciences is required. Payment is according to EGr. 13 TVöD; Full/Part Time possible. Deadline for application: April 12, 2024. DETAILS IN GERMAN

The Taube Department of Jewish Studies, University of Wrocław, Poland invites applications for an Assistant Professor in the field of history/literary or cultural studies in the project “Discourses on Body in Jewish Culture in the Polish Lands between 1880-1939”. PhD in Humanities in history, literary studies or cultural studies is required, with reading skills in Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Polish and Russian. Deadline for application. March 22, 2024. DETAILS

The Jacob Robinson Institute for the History of Individual and Collective Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites applications for visiting PhD Fellowships 2024/2025. Applications will be accepted from candidates from any discipline from non-Israeli universities who work on topics relevant to the Institute’s research interests, such as Modern Jewish and non-Jewish minority politics, Israel’s statehood, sovereignty, and its relationship with the Jewish and Israeli diaspora, and Forced displacement, history of human rights and humanitarianism. Deadline for application: April 5, 2024. DETAILS

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The Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) at Universität Hamburg inivites MA students, doctoral researchers, Postdocs and external participants to apply for the summer school on Hebrew Codicology, that will take place in Hamburg on July 15-19, 2024. Deadline for application: March 31, 2024. Details

The Haifa Center for German and European Studies at the University of Haifa is offering a doctoral scholarship of €20,000 per year (€1,600 per month) for a period of three years, totaling €60,000, starting in October 2024. The funds are provided by the German partner cities (Bremen, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Mainz and Mannheim) of the City of Haifa as a contribution to the Archive of German-Speaking Jewry in Israel (Yekkes). The scholarship is dedicated to the research on “German-speaking Jewry in Israel". Deadline for applications: March 31, 2024. Details

The Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz Association invites abstracts for the international conference “Thinking Beyond the ‘Soviet Jewry’ Narrative. Localism, Diversity, and Subjective Experiences of Jews in the Soviet Republics under Late Socialism”. The conference will take place in Marburg, Germany in October 9-10, 2024. Details

The Hochschule für Jüdische Studien / University for Jewish Studies Heidelberg (HfJS) seeks to appoint a visiting professor to the Lilli and Michael Sommerfreund Chair in Jewish Studies for the academic term 1 October 2024 - 30 September 2025. The compensation corresponds to
W2 level. Deadline: April 19, 2024. Details

#CfA Das Niedersächsische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur und die Volkswagen Stiftung und das  fördert Kooperationsprojekte in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften zwischen Forschenden aus Niedersachsen und Israel. Bewerbungsschluss: 31. Mai 2024. Details

der Fakultät für Geschichts- und Kunstwissenschaften der LMU München ist zum Wintersemester 2024/25 befristet bis zum Sommersemester 2028 (31.08.2028) eine Vertretungsprofessur (W3, 100%) für Jüdische Geschichte und Kultur zu besetzen. Schwerpunkt von Forschung und Lehre ist die jüdische Geschichte der Neuzeit. Grundlegende Kenntnisse der hebräischen Sprache werden vorausgesetzt. Bewerbungsschluss: 31. März 2024. mehr

The Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Bern invites applications for a term-limited assistant and doctoral position (100%) starting from August 1, 2024. Candidates will be tasked with the development of a dissertation project, preferably in the field of Antiquity or the Middle Ages. Deadline: February 29, 2024. Details